A Gentleman of Noble Character
Soothing Music Selections (YouTube)

These YouTube selections were chosen for their therapeutic soothing and mood altering instrumental music.
Let the tears flow, it is good for you.  ;-)

NOTE: These videos can ONLY be opened from YouTube. All of the links will point to the YouTube Host.
Quiet Quest - Study Music
Hauser plays Alone, Together
at the Arena Pula in Croatia
Deepest Relaxing Ambient Music Angelic Choir form Outer Space Space Music
FORGOTTEN ODES by @Eternal Eclipse
FORGOTTEN ODES by @Eternal Eclipse
The Best of Baroque Music
Everdream by Epic Soul Factory
ESCAPE - Emotional & Dramatic
Music Mix
Hans Zimmer - The Last Samurai SOUNDTRACK SUITE
22 Most Heartmoving Soundtracks of
the Millennium
John Williams & Vienna Philharmonic – Williams: Theme from “Jurassic Park”