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Will NOT prevent an attempted forced entry by an intruder. The metal construction will NOT resist brute force.

Guests MUST NOT slam their guestroom doors.

Guests MUST NOT attempt to defeat ANY guestroom door security or privacy feature.

Guests MUST report ANY defective guestroom security or privacy feature to the Management.

These latches CANNOT be used to prop the door open.
Hotel Privacy Latch (Fact vs. Fiction)

I wish to share some "insider insight" concerning the hotel privacy latch. These are
installed in most Hotels, Motels, Airbnb Rentals, Guest Houses, Villas and Military


These latches are designed for PRIVACY only, NOT as an extra measure for SECURITY.
These latches can be defeated in the event of "Passive Entry" required by Hotel
Management, On-Site Security, Police and Fire Department.


Will "prevent" forceful entry -- NO, these Privacy Latches will NOT prevent a forceful
entry attempted by an intruder.

A Guest can be denied access to their room. This occurs when the door is slammed with enough force to engage the privacy latch while the guest is outside in the hallway.
These privacy latches have a spring that forces the latch back to the "Disengaged" position. This spring applies only a MILD tension on the latch on the return to the disengaged position. Therefore, no spring tension, indicates a defective privacy latch.

For SECURITY, only the electronic door lock and the dead bolt MUST be engaged. The privacy latch will only serve to deter entry by other Guests, Housekeepers and Maintenance personnel as well as any passive intruder. However, ALL of the Hotel Staff have the ability to defeat the privacy latch when necessary to gain access into the guestroom.

I have referenced a couple of YouTube videos that demonstrate  "Passive Entry":  » » »


YouTube videos display just how easy and rapid a "Passive Entry" can be achieved. Criminals have access to this information as well. With just some basic hardware store tools, ANY locked door can be defeated. (excluding vaults)
The installation of a Privacy Latch feature must comply with NFPA 80 and ICC A117.1.