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Hotel WiFi Connections - Insider's Insight

I have worked for a few Premium Brand Hotels (Maintenance Engineer). Guest WiFi service is always a contentious topic. Therefore, I have compiled some insights that hotel Guest may find intriguing.

Hotel WiFi service is now commonly "FREE" to all hotel Guest. However, there are some undisclosed details to this amenity:

Your free WiFi service is a "throttle limited" connection. This is to maintain the wireless bandwidth for ALL Guests. Yet, even a throttled connection service "should" provide at least marginal WiFi speeds for ALL portable devices such as LapTops, NoteBooks, Tablets, Smartphones, Gaming Devices, portable routers and other wireless devices and appliances.
"Fast" WiFi is reserved for premium (elite) status members with a respectable reward status with the hotel brand.
The Management will always discourage the use of "tethering" or Mobile Hotspots with the hotel's wireless network infrastructure.
Most Front Desk personnel, will be unwilling, and will be unable to provide intelligent solutions to WiFi issues. Only Management reserves the right to that knowledge to avoid arbitrary upgrades to Guests that request them based upon real or even perceived WiFi performance issues.
A portable travel router may improve reliability and performance issues with the hotel's Guestroom WiFi service. However, the bandwidth will remain limited.
Streaming Media interruptions (YouTube) is a sure indication of sluggish internet service due to heavy WiFi utilization. Even modern Guestroom wireless door locks now possess WiFi to log entries into your assigned guestroom. There are exclusive IP addresses reserved for the wireless door locks and other wireless security systems.
Do NOT attempt to rig (hack) your Guestroom WiFi. This will trigger a network violation and your Guest WiFi priviledge will be suspended for the remainder of your stay. Also, an advisory note may be posted to your membership profile.
New hotel constructions are already enabled with the updated WiFi Infrastructure. However, Hotel Brand WiFi policies remain the same (in most cases).

The Hotel's Business Center usually has a superior internet connection. However, this is ONLY for "business". NOT for on-line multiplayer gaming such as Fortnite, Overwatch, League of Legends, Diablo, Call Of Duty and so on ..
The Hotel Guest WiFi is NOT secure. Be mindful of your own data security requirements.
Illegal or pornographic web surfing is NOT acceptable. Your guestroom WiFi connection is monitored and logged.
All of your on-line activity is logged and may be shared with legal authorities and law enforcement.
Your WiFi connection will "Time-Out" after a long idle session (no activity).
Your Guestroom assignment is only "temporary". All of your Guest priviledges MUST be renewed by the Front Desk Agent.
This YouTube reference is accurate. However, I am NOT endorsing the promotion .. :-)
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