A Gentleman of Noble Character

Carry a fresh four pack of AA Alkaline Batteries.

Carry a high intensity LED flashlight.

Carry disinfectant and insecticide spray.
Hotel Guestroom Electronic Locks (RFID)

In the Hotel/Hospitality sector, Guest security and privacy are paramount. At the Guestroom level, this is achieved and maintained by installing electronic
Smart Keycard and/or Key FOB readers and door locks. As with any, RFID or Magnetic reading devices, certain precautions must be observed by the Guests utilizing these for Guestroom access:

Keep these RFID devices AWAY from Smartphones or other Radio Frequency (RF) devices. (including Bluetooth devices)
Keycards or Key FOBs MUST not be folded or subjected to torsion.
Handle these items as you would a Credit Card (valuable and private).
Electronic Lock & Reader Assembly

Most of these utilize four AA Alkaline Battery Cells or one Battery Pack to power the Lock & Reader. Some have WiFi Boards to provide entry via Smartphone and entry logging by the management.

Unfortunately, portable batteries will eventually degrade (leak) if left installed inside their enclosures without use for a lengthy time. The corrosive (Potassium Carbonate) material will then leak and destroy the contacts and the printed circuit boards within the smartlock assembly.
[NOTE: These are NOT rechargeable batteries]

Here are some suggestions for the Guests:

Be aware that your assigned room may have remained vacant for a long time due to imposed travel restrictions.
Inspect your assigned room for insects, physical damages and general deterioration (especially the installed Security and Privacy measures).
Do NOT assume that another assigned room will be in any better condition.
Be prepared and flexible for any inconvenience.
Converse politely with the Maintenance Engineer. They will provide no-nonsense assistance.
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