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Momentary Tactile Push Buttons - Case Study

This is the first of several Case Studies concerning High Failure Components.

Tactile Push Buttons are very common passive electronic components. These are used literally everywhere; mounted upon
circuits boards of the electronic devices shown in the table cells below.

These are also regarded as high failure components with a limited operational lifetime. These are passive mechanical buttons
designed to toggle from a normally OPEN to a momentary CLOSE state. Yet, due to the very high (ON/OFF) activation events, these
devices cease to operate in momentary mode. They become OPEN, SHORTED and even INTERMITTENT. Below is a list of events that
occur when these devices malfunction:

Erratic ON/OFF operation.
Intermittently random control operation.
Non-responsive control activity.
Rapid battery depletion.
NO Power ON event activation (Open).
NO Power OFF event activation (Shorted).
Grinding, Binding or Resistance during activation.
NO Tactile Feedback upon activation.

Manual activations are achieved by gentle depressions of these buttons. A tactile feedback sensation indicates one completed activation.
Don't be cheated by purchasing a "rejected lot" nor "slightly used" product.
Handle with CARE. These components are delicate and fragile.
Keep Out-Of-Reach from children and pets. These tactile push buttons can be painfully swallowed or cause severe throat choking.
Tactile Push Buttons are relatively easy to replace. However, electronic soldering skills and ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)
precautions MUST be practiced to prevent damage to the adjacent circuitry.

Tactile Push Button vendors are abundant. However, use caution when measuring the dimensions and the packaging of the component
that require replacement. Make sure the product is available as NEW and Quality Control (QC) inspected. These are PASSIVE
components, they are NOT electro-static sensitive. Yet, ESD precautions MUST be practiced when handling and installing.
6 x 6 x 5 mm
PCB Mount Package
Common Electronic Applications

• MP3 Players

• IR Remotes

• PWR Desktops Buttons

• Game Controllers

• Multimedia Keyboards

• Reset Buttons

• Pedestal Fans

• Panic Buttons

• Digital Cameras

• Car Radios

• Walkie Talkies

• CD/DVD Drives

• Bluetooth Speakers

• Switch Panels

• KVM Switch Hubs

• Arduino Boards

• Printers

• Kiosk Displays

• Relay Panels

• Test Equipment

• Door Bells/Buzzers

• Clock Radios

• Antenna Switches

• Hobbiest Circuits

IR Remote Controlled Pedestal Fan