A Gentleman of Noble Character
I am a Gentleman of Noble Character. I am TealArmor.

Here you will discover multimedia content for individuals seeking enlightenment, knowledge, direction and general useful information. I have diligently sought to verify the accuracy of every topic, editorial, and industry insight.

Topics will include:

Observations and Experiences
Themed Essays
Links to Open Source Downloads
Links to Public Domain Internet Services

Multimedia content will include:

Streaming Video
Images (PNGs & Animated GIFs), Charts, Graphs etc.
PDF Documents and standalone Microsoft Windows Executables
ZIP Archives containing extractable project files
Other customized media content
This Web Site is THEME based. However, the CONTENT is Contemporary and Relevant to the current Epoch. These are the values upon which the theme is established:

The Middle Ages - An Epoch of great social upheaval after the fall of the Roman Empire.
A progressive awakening within the Arts, Theatrics, Sciences, Literature and Music which ushered in the Renaissance.
The institution of Feudalism as a means of Utopia with advancements in Commonwealth, Societal Behaviors, Domestic Alliances and Foreign Diplomacy.
The development of Ethical Standard, Code of Honor, Chivalry, Morality, Faith and Religious Practices.


In the aftermath of the fall of the Roman Empire; disease, despair, poverty and war had produced extreme devastation and human misery. Yet, the survivors managed to invoked the RESOLVE to persevere in such dire times.
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